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Nov 29 2019 | Washington Post
As longevity has surged, culture hasn't kept up. In this article, Laura Carstensen breaks down why we need to re-write the traditional, linear life path (education→work/family→retirement) into more fluid routes.
Nov 13 2019 | Squeezing the Orange
Professor Dan Cable and comedian Akin Omobitan break down one of our lab's most important papers: The Influence of a Sense of Time on Human Development. They cover how our goals, preferences, and cognitives processes change as our perception of the remaining time in our life shrinks or grows.
Aug 18 2019 | School's In
Do brain-training exercises really work to strengthen memory and learning as we get older? Guest Laura Carstensen, Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and Stanford professor of Public Policy, weighs in on the conversation.
Our society has struggled with the terminology of aging -- seniors, senior citizens, elders and golden agers are examples of labels that often come across as belittling. But the connotations of the language we use does not line up with reality; research shows that people blossom again as they age.
Oct 18 2018 | Newsweek
After aging out of a years-long period of ennui in his 40’s, writer Jonathan Rauch turned to empirical research to explain why he inexplicably grew out of his overwhelming dissatisfaction of a successful life. His book, “The Happiness Curve; Why Life Gets Better After 50”, takes a deep dive into...