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Sep 1 2017 | Financial Advisor
As the older population continues to grow, more and more older adults are capable of working beyond retirement.  Dr. Carstensen highlights the need for viewing this social phenomenon as an opportunity, not a problem.
Aug 8 2017 | Forbes
In the 2017 International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress, experts in the field of aging from various disciplines (e.g., medicine, social science, and technology) gathered to discuss the conference theme, "Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice".  ...
Jul 19 2017 | Greater Good Magazine
Numerous studies have shown that endings throughout our lives can make us happier. Dr. Carstensen's socioemotional selectivity theory maintains that as we perceive our time horizons to be more limited, we tend to focus on goals and activities that provide immediate emotional payoffs, such as...
Jul 6 2017 | The Economist
Delayed retirement is becoming more and more a viable solution due to the steady growth in numbers of healthy older adults. Dr. Carstensen explains the significance of education on older workers' skills and emphasizes the need to dispel myths about older workers to help society progress forward...
Jul 3 2017 | Next Avenue
The documentary "Coming of Age in America" by Christine Herbes-Sommers addresses the growing aged population in the US and the subsequent issues of this unprecedented phenomenon. Dr. Carstensen compliments the documentary on its original perspective on presenting these issues to the public.