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The truth about money with Ric Edelman

Sep 30 2018

With life expectancy doubling over the past 150 years, the world is now faced with the challenge of ensuring happiness and meaning in individuals far later in life than in previous times. Our current "map of life" is becoming increasingly outdated, and Dr. Laura Carstensen, the founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, is taking on this challenge head on. The Stanford Center on Longevity is embarking on a five year program in order to create a new "map of life," one that caters to more expansive and fulfilling lifespans. In this audio interview, Dr. Carstensen claims that we, as a society, must rethink our longstanding notions regarding the timing of key moments and progressions in our lives, put an emphasis on an active lifestyle from a early age, and more, in order to live happy and fulfilling lives spanning across a century.